<y dr. has me on hydro 5mg 3x a day, and still in pain.So i already run out .And had to pretty much beg for those..Mind you I have NEVER Ever been to a Dr or ER and got pain pills, so dont know why he was so hesitant to give me anything..As this is my MRI results..4 bulging discs, epidural lipomatosis, lateral recess stenosis, Lumbar spondylosis, central canal stenosis, Thoracic spondylosis, broad based protrusion with mild effacement of anterior CSF space, Neuroforaminal narrowing..Can I go to the ER and get something that will actually help me.Because my Dr will not give me any more than that a month. Don't think I have signed a pain contract..
.Or am I just being a baby and shouldn't complain about the pain I am in all the time