I've been reading posts on this site all night and finally decided I needed to join and post. I'd like to start off first I'm 21 years old father with a gorgeous year old daughter and weigh roughly 145 and have been about that for the past few years. I've always done labor work for work, construction, roofing, etc. I started having chronic lower back pain about 2 years ago, went to my primary doctor (whose no longer mine) about it and he told me it was stress related and prescribed me 120 .5 xanax 4 times a day. They did help with my anxiety but did nothing for the back pain. we then tried every non norco pain killer, tramdols too which did nothing. About a month ago I went to the Orthopedic doctor myself and told him about the pain and we did an x-ray, I had read that x-rays don't show much about the spine unless you have some type of bone spur or fracture, he told me my spine looked decent, slight scoliosis. I then asked him to do an MRI he said it would be a waste being so young, but he agreed to do it. Two days later I received a call saying that they found 3 herniated discs which one is pushing into my thecal sac(was told that was my spinal column?), diagnosed me with degenerative disc decease. Theres more, but I can't find my mri results right now, something about narrowing where the nerves break off down into the legs? stenosis? My Pain management doctor I finally was able to see would like to try cortisone shots and I'm completely up for them, but he wont seem to prescribe me any type of norco which i can understand being so young, but I am in constant pain and I'm just not the type of person who likes giving into it, i have a high pain tolerance and i just keep moving. the past three months though have been the worst. horrible flares at times, my daughter just starting walking so i think it has much to do with that, oh by the way i was told not to lift more then 20 pounds, Lucy, my goober weighs 25, and there is no way I'm not holding my baby, anyways sorry to get off topic but pretty much I'm writing this because i just don't know what to do. when the flare comes I go to the er and they'll prescribe me a few days worth of either hydrocodone or oxycodone they work, but I feel like in only just a few days i fell dependent on them already because they actually take the pain away and i can function. I would just like any ones feed back really, please keep it positive. thank you, Goober92010 aka John