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Chronic Active Hepatitis - What kind of pain meds shoud I be taking for chronic hep C?

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mpvt 26 Aug 2009

You definately want to stay away from tylenol and all nsaids (anti-inflammatories). I would use a sustained release opiate like ms contin (morphine), oxycontin (oxycodone), methadone or even though it isn't a sustained release but Dermagesic patches (fentanyl) is a good one. All of these are ok with the exception of methadone. Methadone is probably the best opiate to use for chronic pain as it's almost impossible to grow tolerant to it. I know people who have been on methadone for 25 years and have gone up 10mgs in all that time. It is not a sustained release drug but it has a unusually long half life and chronic pain patients can usually get away with one and sometimes 2 doses a day... Good luck and remember to eat as much fruit and veggies that you can... Dave

kimmie1 26 Aug 2009

Hi laciboo, my brother has battled hep c for years. He is a nurse. I am going to contact him as soon as I can. He lives in Louisiana and is sleeping or working right now, but he took meds that we not addictive being a sober person he could not risk it. I will find out what helped him and by the way he is in remission... Feeling great. I do know he took Zoloft for depression. I will get back with you though... kim

kimmie1 26 Aug 2009

I spoke with my brother and he went through a treatment program with the Schering Drug Company. You might want to check out there web site. I learned some information on it myself. I you don't mind me asking, what type of chronic pain do you have? Kim free discount card

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