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Chlorpheniramine/Hydrocodone - how strong is this cough syrup I only have to take it twice a day?

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kaismama 29 Oct 2013

It's a pretty good one. it will help you

jamiegirl78 29 Oct 2013

Thxs for the info. Hope it works soon.

MacIntosh12 29 Oct 2013

Hi Jamiegirl78,
It is a pretty strong cough syrup, especially if your system is not used to hydrocodone, you may feel a bit drowsy and goofy while taking it, but as kaismama said it's a good medicine and should help that cough.
Please remember to drink loads of water, as good old H2O thins out mucous and makes it easier to bring up.
Do take care when driving while taking this cough syrup, it may dull your reaction time, just like booze, which sounds ridiculous but tis true : )
Best wishes, hope you feel better soon,

jamiegirl78 29 Oct 2013

Thanks macintosh12 i'll make sure I drink plenty of water. And ya I use to dabble in pain pills. When I took it I knew cuz I felt funny.

MacIntosh12 30 Oct 2013

Got it, Jaimie. Do be careful, tis a slippery slope, if you get what I'm saying? You must never take more than is prescribed.
Best to you,

jamiegirl78 30 Oct 2013

I know what you mean I'm being careful and only taking as much as prescribed. Also drinking plenty of water I always have a water bottle on me.

HeadStarter 30 Oct 2013

Hello jamie and welcome to DC. The other thing to remember... just because it is a "twice per day" medication doesn't mean it isn't potent. Do not be tempted to take more than is being prescribed because it won't help you get better any quicker. It could also constipate the heck out of you so be sure to drink lots and extra lots of water. We know you feel like crap but we don't want you to be full of it either : )

Be safe, be well and take good care of you because you ARE worth it!!!

MacIntosh12 30 Oct 2013

Mary, thanks for the giggle, girl!
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