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Does childhood sex abuse cause post traumatic stress?

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DzooBaby 26 Aug 2013

Yes, it can.

Inactive 26 Aug 2013

Of course it can.

lady2882 27 Aug 2013

Most definitely it can and not necessarily right away. It can be years after the trauma before you develop the PTSD symptoms. If that is what is happening then you should find a therapist to talk to and tell your doctor.
There is help for Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and you deserve to have this help to resolve your problems.
Take care

Inactive 27 Aug 2013

Dear shellebelle68 = It certainly can. I have a post in PTSD I want to ask you to read. I am survivor of vicious assault that almost took my life. But I do want you to know, there are so many levels of PTSD, vary from minimum to total breakdown, and a lot of levels in the middle. I would love to talk privately with you if/when you are up to it Please, take care, be well as can be.

shellebelle68 27 Aug 2013

thanks for replying I feel totally depressed at times even after I went to court and my father was imprisoned 2 months after that I was told I had breast cancer I had to have mastectomy and am now awaiting reconstruction its a 12hi have doctors apt tomorrow and am going to ask for more counselling thankyour op and im very scared to go through with this,i feel alone and put on brave face for my children I have 1 good friend and my sisters don't talk to me due to taking my father to court . I just want to feel normal what ever that is.i am on anti depressents but don't feel they work I am 44 live with my 23yr old son all my daughters have their own familys and after the cancer last year I feel they have been through enough already

Inactive 28 Aug 2013

Dear shelle - Just checking in to see how you are doing. Know you are going thru a lot and just wanted to remind you that I am here for you if you need me for anything. I am a good listener, have a good idea where you are coming from, and would NEVER judge you. We have a lot in common, here for you whenever you need a shoulder... Have a blessed day...

Dannian 27 Aug 2013

It sounds like you have so very much going on right now and I would be scared and upset like you are. I understand about having grown children and not wanting to bother them as I am the mom of grown children as well. I am learning to treat them as adults and to share with them about what is going on with me. If I was in your shoes I would find a good PDoc and therapist and maybe go to support groups like NAMI and other support groups for people dealing with a possible breast cancer diagnosis

shellebelle68 27 Aug 2013

thank u so much for your reply its good to have some one to talk to.i will ask for more counselling at my docs apt tomorrow

janiebme 27 Aug 2013

Hi shellebelle-
PTSD can manifest in many ways and at anytime after the trauma no matter what age you were at the time. It can be triggered by sight, sound, smell, people and or anything that you experienced during the trauma, conciously or unconciously. Therapy and meds are the current modality for treatment.
The sooner the PTSD is treated the sooner you can start to heal.
You deserve to have the best life you can.

shellebelle68 29 Aug 2013

thankyou very much I have seen doc + been told I do have ptsd + am awaiting more counselling

endlessPred 29 Aug 2013

The most effective treatment in therapy is to learn to stop rehearsing the event in your mind. I can look back now and it is just something done to me by a very damaged person. Ironically, it had nothing to do with me. It was that persons delusions. It could have been someone else. So yes, it can be treated and it can leave as long as you are not feeling as a victim.

Though you have been diagnosed PTSD, know that when you get through all of this you will not be diagnosed as PTSD. You will walk away from this. Trust your self. Write me any time if you wish. Blessings to you. May your healing be swift. Karen

shellebelle68 29 Aug 2013

thankyou for your reply I want to put past behind me + move on with my life

endlessPred 30 Aug 2013

You will get better as long as you move on. The hardest part is realizing what makes you continue to go through the trauma. And then forgiving yourself for how you blamed yourself for the trauma. We all do this. Once I was in a car accident where someone ran into a pickup truck which was pushed directly into the from of our new car. For a couple weeks my husband and I kept talking about it, I could see it with my eyes closed. It happened a couple days before a two thousand mile trip we needed to take. We had to drive. The result was we decided to stop talking about it and get excited about buying another new car. One that actually turned out better. Once that changed the terror left. With abuse it was identifying it and then letting it go. Damaged people do damaged behavior. And they were very damaged. I am 63 and it is something I don't even bother to look and rehearse. A good therapist was the solution. It will happen to you as well. <3 Karen

Inactive 1 Sep 2013

Yes, it can. I feel PTSD is a very complex system of vulnerabilities, experiences, and it is cumulative, that is, repeated exposure to traumatic events, related or not related, can and do take a toll on a person's life. I agree there are varying levels of PTSD. My question to my dr and therapist was, "how does one forgive the unforgivable?" The answer I got was "one cannot!" An unforgivable act is just that. I agree with the community here that forgiving yourself for feeling any shame or guilt is a very powerful act. Think SURVIVOR! After all, you have survived! Another thing That helps me is to ask myself what I learned from the traumatic event. I learned people are not always what they present themselves to be and that setting my boundaries, learning to trust again, and living beyond the experience were steps I had to take. Is my PTSD gone? No. Do I still have flashbacks and nightmares? Yes.

angel1662 1 Sep 2013

hello shellebelle68
YES..It most certainly does as I am a person who is dealing with this under counseling every month... I no if u r that person that has went through this I suggest u do get counseling and psychiatric care see I was only 10 when I was abused and I held it in out of fear, and it really messed me up so please don't do the same..I am now 51 and am dealing with all the problems it caused me... so take control now and get a counselor/psychiatrist asap if u r the person don't wait like I did... I was story is a really messed up one..I will add u as a friend and if u wish 2 pm u can... if I don't answer it's because somehow a lot of pm that people r sending out aint getting sent don't no why... if u r not the person n just a friend or family member of the person..I suggest u talk to them n recommend they seek help asap this is something that has haunted me my whole life n doesn't go away least not in my situation this is why the person needs help to deal... PEACE...

BeYondRepair 14 Oct 2013

I was sexually abused as a teen and during therapy 10 yrs later it all came out and I was diagnosed with PTSD due to the nature of the abuse. I was beaten so badly, I almost died. Spent many months in a coma due to head injuries and had to go to rehab after hospital to learn to walk again. Guess I am saying yes, in my case, it did cause PTSD.

endlessPred 14 Oct 2013

And, are you recovering from it? I did from the neglect and abuse I suffered. I hope that is true for you.

BeYondRepair 14 Oct 2013

Did I recover from the sexual abuse and beatings??? I like to think I have as I rec'd therapy yrs afterwards for something else, and it came out. I learned then NOT to be a victim, but, a survivor. Sure, it comes up now and then, but, I refuse to let it take me down. It has been many yrs since my attack, and my therapy too. I have learned to live without it interupting my life. I can share my story, or I can get it out of my head. Its over, can't change it, does not affect my life today. Today I am much older and have many more things to worry about. I am in control now, and I choose NOT to fall apart over it. Therapy really helped me get to that point. Wishing the best for all who were abused!! free discount card

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