heriditary disease. My son has the mildest form.
Let me explain this disorder , at least, the form that my son has...
The most severe form of this illness is fatal!! My son has the non fatal form of the illness ... but his form is extreamly painful!!
My son gets extreamly painful blisters on the soles of his feet. The blistest come from the inside out. Unlike the blisters that most people get from our shoes that are caused from the friction of our shoes.
His blisters come from a heriditary condition... when his feet get hot from outside temperaturesyme, or even friction, he develoves his blisters, from the inside out of his feet. What happens is , most people have an enzyme that acts as a glue between our layers of skin and the tissues under the top layers of skin. Jeff doesn't have this enzyme, so what happenes is he forms blisters on the soles of his feet that are extreamly painfull!!