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What can I do if my child has ear wax in ear?

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Inactive 20 Jan 2013

Hello Kluna85. I use a ear wax removal such as a brand named ERO. Its a fast safe acting product. However its used for children 12 and older. Otherwise, aside from several home remedies that I might recommend, your doctor would be best to ask. Regards pledge

happybrandee 23 Jan 2013

Hello Kluna85, When my kids had this problem, our doctor always recomended something called Debrox Earwax Removal Aid. You can usually get it at any Pharmacy or walmart, target, etc. and if you can't find that particular brand there are other brands that are the same thing. It really worked well for my kids and I use it myself. Just make sure that you follow the directions.
Hope this helps!
happybrandee :) free discount card

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