I was at the end of my 61 years and two weeks before my 62nd birthday, I begin having chest pain while swimming. I have been lifting weights and swimming for about 5 years and am in very good shape for my age. I could not finish my lap swimming when this happened and went and did my weight lifting for a few days and then tried swimming again. No pain during weight lifting but the same thing occurred while swimming and then it began to be painful just walking and finally it was hurting while sitting. I went to urgent care and was hospitalized. They took all types of cardio tests and all were positive with no heart disease problems until I was given a cardio catherization where the doctor said that there was one of my small arteries that had blockage and they put in a stent. I have rested for a week and not working out till this morning where I did a short workout and some running and the pain is back. I don't think they found the answer for even after the stent was put in, I had pain for a few days and then did no exertion at all till today and have the same problem. I have no history of heart disease, no high blood pressure, no cholesterol problems or anything like that. The pain and tightening is more in the middle and slightly to the right of my chest. What could this be?