... got 1 more amoxicillin to take to complete the 7 day course of them. yesterday my blood sugars(i am diabetic type 2) had gone down somewhat and were down at that level all day..8.1 before breakfast 12.1 before tea and 13.1 before bedtime.. (not as low as normal but lower than they had been whilst taking the prednisolone.) today they were slightly higher before breakfast at 9.2/12.8 before lunch but were 15.8 just now. have not gone down since eating breakfast. its now my normal teatime, i feel hungry yet blood sugars are so high. what can i do? I have only eaten what I've been eating this last few days but live in small bungalow with small storage facilities. i buy in for the week don't have transport and shops are a taxi ride away. I am disabled and cant just nip out for anything different. I know we asthmatics/COPD patients are told we have to ride these things out but why would it start rising again like that?