I am a 31 year old male diagnosed with asthma at age 5. Have been using symbicort 200/6 successfully for approx 5 years.

Last week I felt like I was getting a cold, sore throat bit of nasal congestion and a few aches. 2 days later I was in a bad way so went to see my gp. Left with co amoxiclav (augmentin 625) and 5 days of prednisolone 40mg. I was told I should be ok for work by day 3. Today is day 4 and I am no better.

I returned to my dr who nebulised me which had little effect on peak flow and actually lowered my o2 saturation from 97 before to 94 after. Ive been given new antibiotics which im to start tomorrow and have been told to return in 3 days and if im not better they want me to go for chest xrays.

I've lived with asthma neigh on all my life and this just feels different. I am wheezing and producing lots of phlem however do not have much of a cough. I have used my asthma medicine all the time as well as what ive been prescribed.

My main question is this, assuming I dont have some super bug that laughs at all antibiotics attempts, what could be wrong and what could be found with the xray? I did the test a couple of years ago for copd and was negative and I dont fit the usual symptoms ie I dont have coughs that last nor do I have repeated chest infections.