I originally posted this as a comment but decided to ask the question on it's own merit. I am also going to post this in the methadone/chronic pain forumn also.

Where can someone find cherry juice? I go from excessive sleepiness sometimes sleeping 20 hours a day for a few days & then I have insomnia for 2 or 3 days! This back & forth just makes my pain worse & I always feel exhausted! I was approved Nuvigil yesterday. So it will help the days that I sleep all day but could make the insomnia worse. My pain & insomnia has gotten worse since I tapered down & went off methadone & started taking oxycodone again. The oxycodone is not controlling my pain. The only reason I went off the methadone was because of the stigma of the drug. I went to Cleveland Clinic to digestion issues & all they would focus on was the methadone & xanax (the xanax used to help me go to sleep but not anymore) I went through all the traditional sleep meds but they all left me "hung over". I also have complex sleep apnea & I have a round face so I spend half the night adjusting my mask. I am open for all suggestions on insomnia natural remedies because when I go on the Nuvigil, I'm sure my doc will not give me anything for sleep. My doc wanted to prescribe Provigil since it was not extended release & I could control more effectively when to take it so it would not interfere with my sleep. However the insurance knows more than the doctor & wouldn't approve it! I take the Nuvigil at 7:00 am but since it is extended release stays in my system too long. This could be because of the medicine to treat ulcers & too much bile from my liver being released in my stomach. The carafate coats my stomach & could change the release of the drug in my system. I have tried melatonin with very little results. I would like to hear about natural treatments for my bouts of insomnia & opinions of me going back on the methadone. I didn't have any problems going off the drug but my max dose was 25 mg a day.