Hello, I have a serious problem. I had severe abdominal and chest pain that just would not let up-went to doctor after doctor, E.R. again and again-and they just kept suggesting more doctors, tests, etc. They would give me a shot of Morphine and/or Dilaudid and send me home to return to my doctor for follow-up care. Of course, after 4 hours or so the shot would wear off and I would still be miserable. My primary doctor gave me a prescription for Vicodin-which even taking 2 at a time every 3-4 hours was not helping with the intense burning pain going all the way thru to my back. Not knowing if I was having a heart attack or what, I had to keep going back and back to the E.R. Meanwhile, desperate for pain relief, I kept asking the store pharmacists what I could use to stop or at least ease the pain some. They all suggested Mineral Ice, Icy Hot, Solarcaine, etc. I started using them, one at a time, for a few days at a time-with no luck, just more burning. After being in so much pain and getting nowhere, I finally got online and researched it and found the FDA's warning statement about chemical burns from these products!!! NO doctor ever even suggested this, even though I told NUMEROUS ones that I kept trying all of these and it just worsened the burning!!! Now I am literally "BURNING" up trying to find an answer to how in the world to stop the pain!!! I went to a pain management doctor who put me on Dilaudid, and that doesn't even take the pain away! Every single time I am in the car, I cringe at every bump. I have started using the "F" word as I drive, especially on the freeway, where there are potholes and bumps everywhere! The Dilaudid makes it a little better, but mostly just makes me sleepy and dopey. I guess at least if I can sleep, it stops the pain for an hour or so. LOL. When I lie down, the pain is even worse, as the sheet that covers me feels like it weighs 1000 pounds-same for my nightshirt. Makes it feel as if my breastbone is caving in to my back. I have had RSD for many years in my leg and hand, so I felt like maybe it had spread to my stomach/chest area because I get the "lightning" feeling all over my chest and stomach, too. But the pain management doctor didn't think it was RSD spreading, he and my primary doctor think my pancreas is not working right. Still waiting for more tests to find out what that is all about. BUT- does anyone out there know HOW to make the buring pain/lightning feelings STOP??? I am going to have a nerve block done in 2 weeks to try and cut the sensation to the area-but I can't wait 2 more weeks for relief. This has been going on since December. (I have also lost 83 pounds in less that 9 months- before I even got sick-without trying). I will appreciate anyone's comments or help in getting to the bottom of this mess. Thank you!