its been a few days, ive just been so into my own head. ive gotten so much advice so many tapers, and i cant seem to keep it together. i dont like this, up and down up and down. the hard part is the wds, i use the zofran and it works, i really want to use it but the reprucussions isnt worth it. the constipation does not help at all. but id deal with wds before constipation cause its no fun at all. id like to leave my job for some time, but a job in this company is very hard to come by. its nation wide, great benefits, retirement, 401 k, and much more. im gonna trudge this thru, and i know ill get there, some times quickly, sometimes slowly, those of you who know bill w, and whos been in and out of the rooms know exactly what im saying. i can be my worse enemy and critic, and that dont help none. the day will come when im pill free, i am still cutting back a little at a time, 2.5, 1/4 a pill twice a day out of my 4 doses. so thats 5mg a day. i take aleve for body aches, lots if tokuhan pain patches, and tiger balm. today i was in my dark room, watching movies, stretching and as irritated as can be. but i didnt take more then i should have wich is my usual pattern so that should count as a positive for me. gonna have a cup of coffee, pray to my man above, and do my devotions while listen to worship music. till the next time family, leanne