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Chantix - I take zoloft and lamictal. Will this help or hinder chance side effects?

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LaurieShay 25 Feb 2016

The following is a link for interactions and food to avoid. Do not change anything without talking to the prescribing doctor. I'm not suggesting so either. Simply giving you info about possible side effects:,1430-848,2057-1348

WildcatVet 26 Feb 2016

Hi, Terri! It's unlikely that Zoloft or Lamictal will have much of any effect on Chantix, good or bad, but this is a question for your physician or pharmacist.
Good luck and best wishes, Wildcat

heidi1313 31 Oct 2017

Hi there! I started Chantex 3 days ago. I've already noticed less urge to smoke. I am noticing the side effects already. My muscles HURT. I had horrible dreams all night and woke up with my sheet on the floor (that was really weird!!). Also, I woke up with a NASTY migraine. I already deal with an irregular fast heart rate, so I'm not sure yet if I'm noticing that changing yet. I also take Zoloft and Lamictal which my doctor says is totally fine. I had a seizure on Welbutrin many years ago, so my obvious concern is if Chantex will cause this as well. I am actually a little less concerned because Lamictal is actually an anti-seizure med. I'm leaving the rest in God's hands. I have smoked now for 25 years, and lost my mom a few years ago. The thought of my husband and children going through the same loss I did is horrifying and unbearable. I will pray for you!! free discount card

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