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Chantix - I take zoloft and lamictal. Will this help or hinder chance side effects?

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LaurieShay 25 Feb 2016

The following is a link for interactions and food to avoid. Do not change anything without talking to the prescribing doctor. I'm not suggesting so either. Simply giving you info about possible side effects:,1430-848,2057-1348

WildcatVet 26 Feb 2016

Hi, Terri! It's unlikely that Zoloft or Lamictal will have much of any effect on Chantix, good or bad, but this is a question for your physician or pharmacist.
Good luck and best wishes, Wildcat

heidi1313 31 Oct 2017

Hi there! I started Chantex 3 days ago. I've already noticed less urge to smoke. I am noticing the side effects already. My muscles HURT. I had horrible dreams all night and woke up with my sheet on the floor (that was really weird!!). Also, I woke up with a NASTY migraine. I already deal with an irregular fast heart rate, so I'm not sure yet if I'm noticing that changing yet. I also take Zoloft and Lamictal which my doctor says is totally fine. I had a seizure on Welbutrin many years ago, so my obvious concern is if Chantex will cause this as well. I am actually a little less concerned because Lamictal is actually an anti-seizure med. I'm leaving the rest in God's hands. I have smoked now for 25 years, and lost my mom a few years ago. The thought of my husband and children going through the same loss I did is horrifying and unbearable. I will pray for you!!

Xixp111 13 Feb 2018

I am on 100 mg lamictal a day ... I have taken Chantix before while not on lamictal with no side effects other than a very noticeable change in my alchahol tolerance ( drink on one to two drinks ) ... then I took Chantix a second time a year later while on 100 mg of lamictal daily ... on my third day or Chantix I was unusually sore in my legs , and calves ... the morning of day six , it was like I had developed MS over night ... ever muscle in my body hurt quite severely, my mobility was Almost completely disrupted , I had to roll off my bed and pull myself up by the night stand in order to get up .. couldn’t lift my leg enough to put pants on ... no core Strengh all , I could barely walk ... doctor told me there is some similarities between the pathways that the drugs each use , and that this could be an effect of being on the both at once , recommended I stop the Chantix immediately ( I stopped Both ) the next day , I had less pain , and could move again ...

Penny1980 10 days ago

I don't know about interactions but I take wellbutrin for anxiety and depression. When I started taking it I didn't feel like I wanted to smoke hardly at all. I just didn't care if I smoked or not. I mentioned this to the Dr. And I found out they also prescribe wellbutrin to stop smoking. I also took chantix before and honestly the wellbutrin had hardly any side effects and worked the same or better than Chantix. I don't believe the positive non smoking side effects last as long when taking wellbutrin. I think you kind of get used to it. The only thing I didn't like about chantix was it made me nauseous. I didn't have any terrible side effects but I also.didn't quit smoking. AND... wellbutrin helps with anxiety and depression. I have read that people can take both wellbutrin and chantix at the same time to increase their odds of quitting for good. Good luck on quitting. Hope you find your answer. free discount card

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