Before anyone starts trying to blame something else other than condoms, I would like everyone to know that I have always been able to maintain an erection and experience an orgasm whenever I wished, even though I suffer from ADD, Depression, Degenerative Disc Disease, L5-S1 Disc Herniation, Vacuum Disc Phenomenon, Peripheral Neuropathy(not caused by HIV/Aids, Diabetes, or Lyme Disease), Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Fatty Liver, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have had these conditions for years and I have been on the same medications for awhile (These are not the culprit.). Secondly, I have also reduced my stress significantly by removing certain things that were a negative influence(That's strike three!). In short, the only thing that has changed is the type of condom I use. Now that your doubts are extinguished, please read the following paragraph thoroughly.

I started using new extended pleasure condoms with benzocaine from Durex and Trojan recently and I have been having some issues, such as a few of the new condoms breaking by popping the top and others becoming too tight. At first, this chain of events didn't worry me as I could still orgasm and get an erection. Today, however, I couldn't maintain or get an erection while masturbating. Therefore, I would like any informationyou may possess in regards to the following queries: Did the condoms that broke by popping the top cause me to develop erectile dysfunction and impotence? Could the ones that got too tight, due to my increasing girth the longer my orgasm was delayed, have damaged my blood vessels ruining blood flow to my penis? Or, if these situations aren't causing the problem, could the benzocaine in the condoms have desensitized the nerve and skin tissue to the point where the penis just doesn't feel enough pleasure to get hard, even though I don't use them anymore? I would also like to know which doctor I should see: my primary physician or a specialist.

Thank you for your help and may God Bless You throughout every night and day.