I have been on Lexapro for 5 years. Started with Paxil (20mg/day) after suffering Post-Partum Depression 8 years ago. Paxil worked great and I responded very weill within 2 weeks. About 3 years into Paxil, I asked my doctor to change because I started feeling like a zombie and was gaining a lot of weight. Switched to Lexapro and still continued to do well! I felt like me and I was outgoing again and able to handle a 4 year old, 3 year old, and a newborn. Husband travelled and we almost moved. Lost 2 loved ones and still was able to handle it all! I felt like it was a wonder drug. Husband even commented that I was the woman he had fallen in love with again:) Fast forward to March 2011 and I got really sick with a sinus infection and clogged ears and my anxiety came back with a vengeance!! After a few weeks of this sever anxiety, I started feeling depressed just like with Post-partum. Got sick again and had an ear infection that burst and anxiety went through the rooof. Doc prescribed Klonopin as needed which has turned into .5mg two times a day. Felt great again (like my old self a few weeks ago), but now back in the black hole. I am wondering if I should come off Klonopin and adjust my Lexapro? Anyone out there have any suggestions??