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Changes to oxycontin?

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christineATU 5 Sep 2010

Purdue Pharmaceuticals came out with a new tamper proof version of oxycontin. It has the same active ingredients. The only difference is that it's harder to crush, cut, chew etc. Oxy is a strong, highly addictive pain killer that has caused many accidental over doses that resulted in preventable deaths. I believe that if the new version is crushed, causes the the pill "inactive." I'm still trying to research that information.
My best wishes,

dawn rowman 9 Sep 2010

let me know what you find out.

billy g 12 Sep 2010

I wish somebody could tell me something on this change cause i have found it DOES NOT WORK FOR MY PAIN like the oc pills and it is not in my head because i have given it 12 days now to work and NOTHING !! Please advise

christineATU 12 Sep 2010

Personally, I would draft a letter directly to Purdue Pharmaceuticals and complain. I bet thousands of people have already done this. The only thing I can suggest is changing medications. There are many good extended release pain meds on the market. Please talk to your doc about switching to something that works. I don't know how else I can help you. Maybe ask your doc about fentanyl, msContin, opana er, dilaudid, Demerol, I just don't know what meds could help you.

I know what chronic, debilitating pain feels like and I sure do sympathize
with you.

terilyn54 11 Sep 2010

I take the 80 mgs & they do not work hardly at all. It's like they are passing through my system before completely dissolving so I'm not getting their full strength or are they lasting as long. They are not pretty useless.

Athena-italy 8 Nov 2010

I take 40 mil three times a day for bulging disc, fibromialga, and chronic pain from a broken neck in 1997. Oxy has worked wonders up until change? Now medication does not work? I pay six hundred a month for something that does not work! The pharmacy said the change was due to IV users. Now the pill cannot be crushed. Which is understandable. But because of this the medication is less effective. It upsets me that people who abuse this medication have ruined it for those of us that need it! Hope they change it back soon! free discount card

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