I am not sure what has changed, if its federal, state, DEA or FDA, but something major has changed and there is not one physician from family practice to pain management clinics that will humanely prescribe necessary pain medication. I am currently with a pain management clinic and have been so for over a year. I have been fortunate enough to have had them treat my chronic pain properly for only 4 months out of the 14 months I have been with them. I was actually getting better or at least feeling a lot better from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome and low back pain due to arthritis, buldging discs and degenerative disc disease. Anyway I was on shot number 2 of 3 lumbar epideral (?) where they use flueroscopy x-ray to see where they shoot you in the spine with a combination of steroid & anesthesia (only I don't have the steroid put in) and she must have wacked a nerve out of place because my pain rocketed to a 10 for over 10 days. I had some vicodin and it did help a little and only for two or three hours at a time. I called the office and they said it couldn't have been the shots, yeah right and when I went back in for a follow up the pain had eased a bit, but they still wouldn't raise my dosage of vicadin. Finally this month after crazy amounts of pain and crying, wishing I could just die, they raised me from 3 7.5's to 3 10's which is not much more. I told them I needed to come back in in two weeks not a month. The Nurse Practitioner said she couldn't raise my dosage any faster because she could lose her license??? Because I have been so frustrated with this clinic, I have called every single clinic in my city that takes my insurance and every single one of them say first thing on the phone that they do not prescribe any narcotic pain relievers to their patients. I told one that my neighbor see's that Dr. and he works with her and her pain. She said moving forward all new patients will not be receiving any narcotics. You know they make you feel like #$%& like being in pain, disabled by it, unemployed because of it, on Medicaid, Food stamps, government housing & living off of only $157 a month is not bad enough. Now in addition to all that and all the prejudices that go with that I now get to be prejudiced against for the pain that caused all those other prejudices. I will not live like this, I just won't. The additional psychological problems that come with chronic pain and then this. Sooo... what I want to know is who to address my letter to? Who do I send my note to when I can't take it any more. They need to realize that while death's due to overdoses may go down, death's due to too much suffering in pain will go up.