I have suffered from Ovarian Autoimmunity which has resulted in my not having ovaries any longer. The fertility specialist i was seeing when this was discovered prescribed premarin, and said i didn't need to take any thing else because i didnt need to mens. This was 2 years ago, he put me on 0.3 mg/day, which was raised to 0.6 mg/day. I was on this dose for a few months when I saw my primary care physician again, and told her what i was on, she freaked out and put me on Femhrt 1-5. I've been on the femhrt now for a week, and i'm loosing my mind! i'm super cranky and agitated, i was hot all day for the first 3 days when everyone around me was freezing, i've been shaky on & off like i've had too much coffee, restless but fatigued, and i didnt sleep for the first few days either. My questions is does the femhrt contain the same amount of estrogen? and could the natural vs. synthetic change be the cause? should i keep taking it until i can see my Dr again or should i go back to the premarin?