My doctor is going to try and wean me off clonazepam. I have been taking it for 6 years, two pills a day, (.5mg x 2). I have been doing good for a while now, but due to the weaning process, yesterday he changed me to the wafers (.125mg)... He said to start with a normal dose 4 of them in the morning and at night, giving me the same dosage as before, just in the wafer form. Today was the 1st day I took them in the morning and tonight I feel as if I am a bit stoned and shaking, nervous, backache, and just not good. Its almost time to take my second dose. He wants me to cut back to 3 in the morning in a few weeks and go down from there... Why do these make me feel different than the pill? I still have about a month supply to go in the pill form. Can I take the wafers in the morning and pill before bed or do I have to stay with the wafer or tell my doctor I cant stand the wafer?