i have a quesiton about a medication i've been on for over 2 years. i have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, and daily i'm in pain and very tired. it's hard for me to walk or do daily activites. i tried the meds for it, but i had a bad reaction, but i have it with a lot of medicaitons. i've been on percocet 10/325 (12 daily) for over a year. it wasn't working that good, but better than nothing. i told my doctor, but he didn't help me. now he's reduced my meds from 12 a day to 10 a day. during the first week of the change i had migraines, sweats, and was irritable. after 2 weeks of trying it that way i told him, and he said it was impossible for me to be sick over that change. he's aware i am very sensetive to medicine. there's not a lot of stuff i can take. i believe it's the change in dose. could that be true?
thank you.