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They change the Opana a gel which doesnt agree with they plan on changing it back?

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balbanese 12 Jun 2012

Most often they make these changes to combat the abuse that affects us all. Chances are they will not.

NewYorkGuy44 13 Jun 2012

I am going thru a rough time as well as most of you know, Let me give you some advice, Opana Er seems to provide zero relief, these new ills do absolutely nothing, i doubt they will change them, but I think you can go to a Compound Pharmacy, and perhaps the can give you the octagon ones back, but even if they did, at this point I am fed up, I wouldn't even take them. I have been on many many pain killers for over a decade, and I thhink you should at least consider changing your meds. These abusers have ruined it for people like us with severe and chronic pain.
Good Luck Sylvia.

Inactive 13 Jun 2012

As far as I have been able to research, the formulation change in Oxycontin and Opana occurred to keep drug abusers from injecting these meds and OD'ing. Of course, I feel these drugs have been rendered useless as far as chronic pain relief goes. Another example of the abusers making it almost impossible for chronic pain peeps to get what we need. Subutex, Suboxone and Butrans are another option for pain relief, expensive but can relieve pain. Fentanyl and methadone help. But as far as ER pills... a no go.
Talk to your PM doc to see what else is available yo help you lead a more functional life ...
All the best ,

Inactive 13 Jun 2012

Does 'doesn't agree with you', mean it isn't working or the gel they added doesn't agree with you. If that is the case, you should talk to your prescribing doctor & let them know as soon as possible. They will not be changing the formulation back as far as I know, but some of the pain doctors are prescribing more of the new kind because of the complaints that it doesn't help for pain. A friend of mine was on 40mg twice a day, & his doctor who is a pain specialist & head of a hospital has increased his dose to 4 times a day if he needs it because of all the complaints about the new formulation. He also takes percocet for breakthru pain as needed. I think you need to let your doctor know about this ASAP. The more people complain, the sooner the doctors will realize it isn't helping to control pain for people because of this change. That should give everyone who is on it a chance to increase their dose or change to a different pain med... Mary free discount card

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