My mom ad a stroke last year affecting her memory. she seems ok after some therapy until change of dr from family practice to adult internal medicine. new dr said tsh was high. put her on 75mcg daily. she was SUPER CONFUSED. changed her to 75 3x wk 50 x wk (had been on 50mcg for at least 10 years). her tsh was still high so changed to 75 4x wk & 50 3x wk. after 8 wks as "normal range" but we noticed more confusion on days of higher dosage. dr said it was stroke & dementia. next check tsh was low. changed back to 75 3x wk & 50 4x wk. tsh went up again. changed back to the 75 4x wk 50 3x wk. since mom lives with us 24/7 we notice subtle changes. days of 50 dosage she is less confused. has to be cued due to stroke memory loss still but usually "What do you do in the morning when you get up?' will cue her to make bed, get dressed & put pjs away& be ready for breakfast. on days of 75, she wants to go back to bed over and over, just sleep, but we make her get up by 10 or so. then we have to tell her step by step what she needs to do all day. she doesn't read, color, drink or even get up to go to the bathroom without us saying something to her. dr says it builds up and we should not notice a difference in the dosages, but we do. Dr doesn't ant her to go back to the 50 daily. I think her body was used to it and functions better at 50 and a higher naturally produced tsh. every body is different. we don't have what her levels were before dr change. only that she was on same dosage for 10 years or more. Do we change drs? this one doesn't seem to listen to what we say we see daily. do we ask for specialist? what kind of dr? I know what I see day to day despite dr saying there SHOULD BE no difference.