I've taken Prozac for years. Beginning of this year when I got hyper again I change doctor and went to the comb medication of lithium, respiridon, Prozac . Got depressed and changed meds few times till I felt better on effexor 225mg and lithium 800mg. Last month, my doc by mistake gave 150mg of effexor. I saw it but decided to cut down anyway. Result, starting going down. Went back yesterday he apologised and suggested " go back to 225mg"". He likes talking so I asked if I couldn't go back to Prozac as it's almost a year maybe would work again and I prefer it for giving a sense if happiness. He said that was fine. And prescribed 20mg. I questioned the efficacy of lithium, and mentioned that is a drug that u take but don't really fill the effect . He went, " fine" your therapeutic level us 5 . So take only 400 mg of lithium them. He is quite a nice person, but really not convinced if he knows what he is doing. He is not a phd. I just think that I'm going down quite quickly and stop effexor all together to start 20 mg of Prozac itsnt going to be enough. I am thinking of keep taking effexor with Prozac , 150mg effexor and 20prozac, then cut down to 75effexor, then 37.5 and continue just with Prozac and 400mg lithium. I have made my comb med in the past and just need to know if anyone went through that one. Change doctor?? I'm on nhs England. Thanks for any reply.