HI, I am a 59 yo male with a myriad of auto immune problems such as Lupus, Hashimots, Hypothyroidism, Raynauds etc. Since 2006 I have had 14 Heart procedures with 2 CVA,s, I have 16 stents and a Pacemaker. My thyroid was under control for 20 plus years until my cardiologist noticed my TSH has been NO lower than 50 and as HIGH as 150 since 2000. I have seen ENDO,who have told me I have Adrenal Gland Cancer which was proven wrong. MY GP does not trust the last ENDO I saw as she wanted to just put me on Tirosent. he explains it was just Syntheroid without the fillers n dye , instead he put me on armour starting in May, I have started at 15 mg and raised it 15 mg weekly and have been inable to stay awake and am sleeping 14-16 hours a day. I am at150 mg now for 3 weeks and my do want me to wait another 3 weeks before raising my dosage since the TSH was at 128 when he first began treatment with Armour.I feel terrible, dizzy, eyes will not focus... I want to raise it now but also HOPE n realize he knows more than I. I did lose 40 lbs that I gained when I was eating healthy and Ina time frame of only 2 months . in your opinion should I wait to raise the dosage ? My Doc knows how I feel and keeps in touch with me and believes my extreme side effects are due to the extreme high TSH and he MUST take his time due to my heart disease. he is very understanding , I guess I just Ned some positive feedback that we are on the right track to me feeling human again.
ST James