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If I change from 120mg of Cymbalta to Effexor, what dose should I be at on Effexor?

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kaismama 23 Mar 2014

You can't compare them that way, you will start out on a lower dose and work up to what you need.

kaw06 23 Mar 2014

I would say 225 but only because that's what the doc put me on when I switched from Cymbalta to Effexor with the same amount of Mg

WildcatVet 24 Mar 2014

Hi, nodin! You were on a pretty high dose of Cymbalta and there's no way your physician will start you on an *equivalent* dose of Effexor!
You'll probably start Effexor at 75 - 150mg which is the starting dose range and increase by 75mg over time ~ IF you need to. Effexor may work better for you at these lower doses than Cymbalta did at the higher range dose.
All antidepressants work slightly differently in your brain so there's no comparison,as kaismama said.
Best wishes, WCV

Pansy404 24 Mar 2014

I think your doctor will start you off at 75mg of Effexor for a time, and then if it needs increasing, will do so. He will monitor your progress and advise you if you need to increase. Some people do well on 75mg and others need to take a higher dose. Your doctor will advise you. free discount card

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