Hi i am a female currently taking the birth control pill Rigevidon and recently got the implant took out about 2 months ago. While taking Rigevidon i missed 2 pills between 2-4 days apart near the end of the packet and i didnt take them at all. I also stopped for the 7 pill free day which i also noticed i shouldnt of done and i am currently on day 5 of my pill free day. During this time me and my husband had sex including when i stopped the pill and didnt use anything else for protection. I have also just started on day 5 of my pill free day with light spots of bleeding and stomach cramps.
looking for any advice wither i would still get light bleeding and stomach cramps if i was pregnent and also what are the chances of becoming pregnent by missing the two pills at the end of the pack a few days apart and stopping for the 7 free pills days when i should of continued the next pack.