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What are my chances of getting pregnant if I tend to take my tri-sprintec BC pills late?

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suzanne66 30 Jul 2012

The effectiveness of Tri-Sprintec is reduced (only very fractionally) if the pills are not taken at around the same time each day. You probably have a lee way of a couple of hours either side of your regular time - where it makes no difference.

lexishorty 31 Jul 2012

Thank you for you answer. It is well appreciated. I just wanted to make sure everything was going to be okay. Once again, Thanks.

seven124 31 Jul 2012

Usually if you take it in the same day it isn't much of a problem. I have accidentally forgotten them till morning a few times, and was fine - but I don't remember having unprotected sex either. As a general rule in the same day is fine... Missing a day can cause problems.

lexishorty 31 Jul 2012

Thank you for your advice, and answer. I really do appreciate it. But, I do have unprotected sex with my partner whom I've been with for over four years now.. So. I just wanted to make sure I was going to be okay. I've felt off for the past two weeks now. Once again, Thanks.

seven124 1 Aug 2012

It's no problem. If you have been on them a long time, you have nothing to worry about. I have stopped taken them for 2 months recently, felt like I was pregnant (because of an active fiance lol), but it had only been my hormones messing up since I shocked them with the stopping of the pills. If you have been on them less than 6 months, I would be worried. Or if you have missed a day or more a few times in one month, yes I would be worried. But it sounds like you may just mess your periods up. It's always a good precaution to take a test, and wait a couple weeks an take another if you are worried about it. Good Luck and keep me updated :-) free discount card

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