Hi everyone, I have been using Yasmin for 2.5 mths. Currently in my 3rd pack. I actually skipped? my 2nd pack menses by continuing the 3rd pack immediately on day 22.

But i realize after around 10 days with the 3rd pack my menses still come and up till today, light amount of blood.

Just last Sunday on 10 aug, i had fun with my bf and he ejaculated in me twice. Before this even when im on pills, he didn't do it inside.

We believe it is safe as my menses came and i am still on my pills (never missed any, only several times late 2-3hrs in 2.5mths).

After the fun, i still continue the 3rd pack and left with 5 more days to day 21.

Just wondering what are your opinion about the chances of me getting pregnant. I am 26 years old but definitely not ready for baby.

Hope to hear some response.
Thank you