Yesterday (Oct.13) I had protected sex but it wasn't sex in the moment me and my boyfriend were just trying it out and experimenting , we were doing fine and the condom was working until we tried a different position and as he put his penis in half way slowly we heard a loud pop and he immediately pulled out and we both went straight the bathroom to look at the condom and it had a side hole where the penis had came through it .. I took plan B almost two hours after ,( we noticed his pre cum was sort of in the condom we weren't very sure if it was vagina liquid or not but but when the condom was off his penis we noticed he was releasing pre cum at the point ,) I'm 180 pounds and I'm also skeptical of if its going to be effective on me and if I should take something else or take plan b again today (Oct.14) to also lessen the chances of anything happening. My last period started also Sept. 28 and Oct.2 it was my first normal period in awhile since its always irregular when I'm always active.. So I'm also not sure when I'm fertile or not .. I wasn't as worried as I am now the next day on reading everything of plan b and such so I just need answers and help and concerns . Thank you.