I'm freaking out!! I had period from July 13-19 and had sex on the 28th of July which was around the time of ovulation though I'm not sure what exact day I ovulated because I had been on bc pills for so long before. I took a plan b 60 hours later since I thought it would still be within the 72 hr limit. Went to the doctor and explained this and she said I took the plan b late but she thinks I'm fine because the guy didn't ejaculate and we used condoms at first until he lost his erection then had sex without one for like 1 minute. The guy also urinated before sex so idk if that makes a difference with precum. I've had sore boobs since I took Plan b, nausea, constipated and I feel like I can feel a lump on my lower left abdomen, and wet discharge. Please help I'm so scared idk if I'm making myself feel symptoms or what my doc said it was normal to have sore boobs and mood swings but I'm still very scared I'm 22 and not ready for a kid. My expected period is Aug. 14-20th. Do I have a low chance of being pregnant?