I am on the pill. And usually use a condom with it just in case. Had sex a week before my period was due he stuck his penis inside me a few times but mostly anal as we did not have a condom this time (no he did not cum inside me). About 1-2 days before my period we had sex again same way as before (on the "sugar pill week"). He suggested taking plan b since it was a sugar pill week and he wasn't sure if anything leaked (like pre-cum) inside me. I took the pill within 3-5 hours after this episode. I had a faint dark purplish red smear on the toilet paper one time. I have felt like my period was coming and it hasn't happened. I am now 3-4 days late for my period and I've had more headaches then I normally get. I have recently been started on Plaquenil and tried Relpax for a migraine both of which were new this past month. What are my chances of being pregnant?