My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on February 27, 2 days after my
Period ended. He didn't ejaculate inside of me just pre cum and peed before we had sex. I took plan b about 13 hours after. I'm over the weight limit. I weigh 176. I had light bleeding about 4 days after taking the pill. And it last for 3. My boyfriend had his sperm tested for the fertility rate. Doctor said he have a very slim chance of impregnating me. And that his sperm was very weak and some was already dead after a couple minutes. I'm suppose to start this Saturday. But I'm worried I got pregnant. aimce yesterday I've been having watery discharge. It's not elastic or egg whiteish either. What do you think the chance are of getting pregnant? Do you think the pull still worked? Anythingwould help. Thank you.