So, in a very stupid, heat of the moment type situation, I had unprotected sex on the morning of May 15th in the early hours (about 1 am I think). We weren't sure if he came or not, so I took plan b one step at about 11 am the same day. I was due to start my period around the 17th. I'm on about a thirty day cycle. I've never had to take it before. Within two days I had very bad cramps and nausea (I have never had cramps or pms symptoms before this). I started getting some very light, barely noticeable bleeding (you had to be paying very close attention to notice it). On the 20th I finally got my period. Very heavy for me with a lot of large clots. I'm still bleeding today, as I usually would have started to only needed a panty liner by day four of my period. The cramps went away after my period started, but returned last night. What are the chances that I could still bepregnant? Being that close to my period, would I have had it anyway? I know that I did a stupid thing, but I've never been that careless before. I plan to, as soon as this period is over, getting on birth control.