im on the birth control pill and missed 4 days in a row on my third week. i was lazy in taking them earlier in the month but always took one a day even if i wasnt perfectly on time. so i come home after missing 4 pills, take the last pill from the three week, and tomorrow i start sugar pills. this is my last pack and i cant see my doctor until 3 days to get a new one. should i just wait the 7 days on the inactive sugar pills and start the next pack normally? also i am bleeding, it is like bright bloody discharge. will this go away? on inactive pills my period is due on tuesday, how can i tell if i get it with this bleeding im having from missing the pill? is it probable that im not pregnant anyway? if i just be careful the week i start a pack and have protected sex should i be fine?

how can i tell if i am pregnant on the pill, what are the chances?