I started my birth control on the 17th of December. I took it every day however my times weren't always consistent but I did not miss a day (I have been taking them consistently now though). I took a pill the afternoon before the night I had sex which was on January 1st. We used a condom and I am pretty sure that it did not break nor did it slip. I am about to go on my placebo pills Wednesday January 7th and I wanted to know the chances that I could be pregnant. Although a part of me is sure I am not pregnant, another part is tearing away at myself because I feel like there is a chance that I am.

I have an extreme anxiety when it comes to pregnancy (and I honestly feel that maybe sex is just not for me yet) so I feel like I am overthinking this. However, I think it'd put my mind at rest if I got some feedback from professionals. I know that once I go on my placebo pills my period should start but I am worried that it may not. Can you tell me what the chances are that I might be pregnant?