I'm on birth control and I had protected sex on the Fourth of July . I used condoms both times and he pulled out . I missed a pill on Sunday but I didn't bother to double up because I did use a condom . So I finally doubled up with last Wednesday pill and now I'm caught up with my pills . On the 11th I had PROTECTED sex again with condoms. I have two left until my placebo week and I'm due for a period . I did check my cervical mucus is and it is a watery consistency . I've read this happens before ovulation . So I shouldn't be worried right ? I do have PMS cause I'm having pimples , moody , and heavy breasts. I get these before a period is due . But I'm not sure why I'm stressing because I did use condoms and I only missed ONE pill but I still used condoms . Am I okay ? Should my period come ? Please respond