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What are chances at gettin pregnant if I missed a day of my pill and had sex two days later?

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Inactive 2 Sep 2012

Dear Logan, there are a few things most of us like to see in a post like yours before we answer, such as, is this your first pack of birth control pills, and which in the pack number wise, did you miss. A person who misses the first or second pill of a new pack just after taking their inactives, to me, would be a higher risk than someone who missed the last pill in the actives. Someone new to birth control control pills would have a higher risk, say they are on the first week ever of pills, that might put you at a much higher risk than someone who has been succesfully and accurately taking them for a long time. Can you clarify a bit more. Patti

HeadStarter 2 Sep 2012

It would be helpful, Logan, when posting in the future to post as "conversational" so that we can interact more with you. Posting as "direct" means we can only respond once. But as Patti also explained... you need to provide more detail here to even give a guess as to what your risk is. And, the chances are always HIGH if the person doesn't take them as prescribed. They are meant to be taken at the same time, every day. If one is "skipped" then you take it as soon as remembered or with the next pill at the same time as usual. Does that make sense??? You must get on a regime with the BC pills for them to be effective. They will not work otherwise. I had an incidence of a pregnancy during the first week of a new pack following a miscarriage. And, then another miscarriage when I didn't know I was pregnant again. Stupidity had nothing to do with it... not understanding what the doctor said was everything. I ended up in the hospital the second time after bleeding began and didn't stop for two weeks and then also had my tubes tied. By the way, bleeding for two weeks while on the pill is not normal and requires immediate contact with prescribing doctor to determine cause of bleeding. In my case, I had miscarried yet again. I was so screwed up hormonally and psychologically that I wasn't even thinking straight when I had my tubes tied and have regretted that decision ever since. I have come to terms with it but still have strong, maternal instincts that have served me well as a "Big Sister" and a mentor for young girls.

So, if this method isn't going to work for you... and you cannot remember to take them or you forget to take them with you or keep them with you... I would talk with my doctor to discuss other means of BC other than the pill. That is just for your own peace of mind. On the other hand, if you knew you missed a pill then it is your obligation to tell your partner so that he can use a condom in the interim. And, if this is your first month on the pill, then you MUST use alternate means of BC until you have completed one full cycle on the pill. I am sorry to sound blunt... but blunt is necessary because of the lack of detail for your situation. I don't want you to misunderstand or misinterpret anything that is being said. Because we don't know your situation and circumstances under which this happened... you will probably get more answers just like ours until the missing information is known or you glean enough from what we both have said to know what your chances or risk is.

Remember, if this is still your FIRST MONTH, you MUST use ALTERNATE MEANS OF BC UNTIL ONE FULL CYCLE IS COMPLETED, OKAY??? Otherwise, ask your partner to use condoms... there is nothing wrong with that. How is he supposed to know that you are not safe yet, if you don't communicate that? He'll understand and if he doesn't... he isn't the right guy for you any way.

Peace and blessings to you,

Logan-13 3 Sep 2012

If this Is my second pack of BC pills and I missed Thursday of the first week and had unprotected sex on Friday could I be pregnant? Is there even a possibility? I doubled up on My pills Friday since I skipped Thursday.

HeadStarter 3 Sep 2012

Okay, if you finished your first whole pack with no issues in timing or missing and skipping... you should be fine though the missed dose happened on your second pack - first week??? Am I understanding that correctly??? You should be okay. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not miss or skip any pills. They should be taken at the same time, every day... otherwise you might need to talk with your doctor for other methods of BC because you are not safe if you don't take them like clockwork and every day... same time.

Logan-13 3 Sep 2012

Yes I think you understood correctly. I missed Thursdays pill of the first week during my second pack and had sex on Friday. He did cum in me so I would like to know of there is any possible way I could be pregnant? And yes he is a keeper for sure but both of us know we are not ready for a baby. We have our whole futures ahead of us. Thank you for your comments!

HeadStarter 3 Sep 2012

I think you are fine... as I now understand your concern and question. Be safe and take them same time every day... Have a wonderful day!


Logan-13 3 Sep 2012

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day as well! free discount card

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