Hi I was hoping someone can help me
Well my father has been taken into hospital, I'm going to seem really stupid here..story goes like this..

My dad is 59 him and my mother are divorced he is currently living with his girlfriend (who I suspect is an alcoholic) my father also was an alcoholic but has been to counselling etc and as far as I was aware he was going great- thing is u received a phone call from my grandmother telling me he was admitted to hospital (she is 86 and can get confused) so off I went down tonight to see him-I got the shock of my life, he was sitting with oxygen and really jaundice looking, can't stand up and seems really dopey on it- he told me that he had a burst vessel which resulted in him vomiting blood, I was weary of his story so I went to see a doctor only to be told they couldn't discuss his diagnosis with me all he could say was that he was on a management plan?? I believe that the drinking never stopped and just wanted to know where I go from here-nobody is telling me anything but he is gravely ill, if this is as bad as I imagine will he die? When? Will doctors not tell me??? I'm so frustrated... he also has put his partner down as next of kin so basically I'm relying on information from an alcoholic!! Any advice would be greatful I'm at Mh wits end