My cycle began aug.16th. On day 9 of my cycle(aug 24th) I had unprotected sex and couldn't get ahold of the plan b until 2 days later (aug 26th). On day 20 of my cycle (sept 4th) I had unprotected sex again with a different sexual partner and did not take the plan b. According to an ovulation calendar I was ovulating from around the 27th-1st, which is in between both incidents. My period is now 3 days late(day 32 of my cycle) and I'm really beginning to worry that I may be pregnant. I plan to take a pregnancy test if my period doesn't come soon, but I'd just like some opinions on which incident I am most likely to have conceived on, if I did in fact. Also, I know that the plan b delays ovulation, so could it be possible that I was ovulating on day 20 (the second time I had unprotected sex)since that was a week and a half after I took the plan b? I'd really appreciate any help on this, please no negative comments.