I just got the Nuvaring two weeks ago, started on the 12th of January, on the 11th I had unprotected sex (I wasn't on the ring and I was on the last few days of my period, started my period on the 9th) and on the 12th my gynecologist gave me plan b and the ring, she said it was best to be inserted if I were in my period which I was. She told me to insert it deep inside, and maybe my boyfriend could help. I got home inserted it, but I don't know, I think my fingers were too short to insert it deep inside to where the cervix is at. I tried to push it as far as I can to the point where I shouldn't feel it but everytime I pushed it a little more it would just come back to where the vagina begins. My doctor said to wait a week and I did, I had sex on the 25th of January and when I got home I checked if the ring was still in place but my boyfriend push it farther enough. Is there a chance I could be pregnant because it wasn't far enough?