Hi. I've been on Trinessa Lo with, from what I can tell, perfect use, for almost 5 months. I have an alarm go off everyday at 4PM and I always take my pill once it goes off. I've never been late and ive never missed a pill. For about two months now, I've been having sex with my boyfriend and we always use condoms. I've gotten two regular periods since then, and my next period is due in a week or so, next Tuesday or Wednesday. But, I'm worried. I wanted to feel sex without a condom, and I thought since I'm on the pill it would be okay . So 2 weeks ago, I was penetrated by a naked penis for about 10 seconds. (No ejaculation) I know time doesn't matter but, yeah. I got too scared and didn't follow through with it. Since then, I've been getting mild cramps, I'm always tired, and recently I've been sneezing, coughing up mucus, and I have a stuffy nose currently which is apparently a sign of pregnancy? :/ I have major pregnancy anxiety and I just can't shake the fact that I believe I'm pregnant.. an answer would be greatly appreciated.