Hello! I had unprotected sex and took plan b, got a 'period' about 2 weeks after that and started taking birth control (Yasmin, it's a combination type) on the first day of said period. A week after that I had unprotected sex again (thinking the birth control already was effective, also didn't know the period mentioned before was not actually a period) but I took another plan b just in case. All that time I took my pills religiously, everyday at 7am.
Now, 13 days later (yesterday) I had unprotected sex, I thought I was protected by then, but today I took my pill 11 hours late (turned off my reminder for it but was in a rush and forgot to take it)
I know I'm still in my active pills (still 1 week to go) but I jusy want to know if there is a higher chance of being pregnant due to all these events

Please refrain yourself from any rude comments, and thanks for your help.

PD. I read somewhere that periods after plan b are not really periods, hence the quote marks