Okay so my friend had sex with his girlfriend on February 17th at about 11:00pm it was no longer than 2 mins and he 100% did no ejaculate in her, he had peed before sex so there was no living sperm in his Precum, as a precaution she took plan b 13 hours later and had what seemed to be her period 6 days after. It was 6 days of constant red blood flow and cramping daily, 3-4 tampons a day and she said it was as normal as ever. Her periods are irregular and her cycles are usually around 50 days. It is now April 12th 49 days after the plan b period and she is experiencing cramping and is very emotional. She said this is normal for her pmsing. Her periods before plan b were November 30th and January 20th, is there any chance of pregnancy, she has no symptoms of pregnancy, and is as skinny as ever. No frequent ruination, no fatigue, no nauseousness, and she said she feels fine. Help please my friend needs closure