About 11 days ago I had intercourse with my boyfriend during my ovaries. He usually wears a condom and ejaculates after he pulls his out of my vagina. But that day when he pulled away I felt a hot warm substance on my bottom and was surprised to find that the condom was still in my vagina and his sperms were all over my bed. I was so surprised I started to panic. My boyfriend said the entrence of the condom exactly fit my vagina and after he pulled the condom out he checked to see if it split by putting water in it but it had not split. Even so, I was worried and the next day I took ellaone, possibly about 13hours after the accident.
I'm just so anxious and worried even now.. I still have a week until my expected period date.
What worries me the most is that I haven't had any other side effects but I keep feeling tired and it's been about a week. I feel like I sleep enough to make me feel okay but I just keep feeling tired and it's making me more stressed. Oh and I have been having lots of white pure discharge nowadays.
Could there be a chance of pregnancy? Why am I so tired?