We woke up yesterday feeling fine, and after about an hour she started vomiting severely, then an hour later I had consistent diarrhea, and I felt like throwing up but held it down until a few hours later. The nausea got worse, she went to a hospital and got on an IV. That hospital doesn't have a toxicology lab, but we suspected that her insane grandma might have slipped something in the water that we both drank right before feeling sick. Gma told us the night before she was gonna get revenge on us, she took us out of the way to a bad hospital, she threw the gallon of water away that we drank out of before it was empty. She's poisoned people before. We haven't been around any sick people lately. We haven't left the USA, we've been on vacation for a week and had minimal contact with others. Usually one person will get sick before the other by at least a day or so, it's fishy. Thanks.