1st noticed it when i was 13/14 years old, many trips back and forth from the doctors and they finally sent me for a x-ray when i was 26 (yeah bit of a wait) but i had it confirmed i had a extra rib on the left side, im 29 now and over the years the pain as got slowly worse, i do get the slight numbness of fingers on my left hand but my main problem is a pain in my chest, its roughly around the area just left of my heart its a very sharp stabbing type of pain, its not contsant it happens at the point of when you exhale and start to inhale and vise-versa from when you inhale to exhale. i can go weeks without any problems, other times its daily, the problem normaly last a few mintutes but over the years ive had it for a couple of hours, when its that's bad i do get a pain that goes down my left arm... i can happly confirm im still alive and well so im sure ive not had a heart attack, but my question is is it common to suffer that pain due to a extra rib? ive got no other illnesses or medical problems, im not over weight, im physically active