I found on new MRI C-7 nerve is being affected. However, I get a pain in left center of chest upon arising in the moring and it's staying pretty much all day. Heart Dr. didn't want to do Heart Cath until MRI issues ruled out, as he thought pain is coming from the neck. I faxed copy of report to him 4 days ago, have not heard a word back and the pain in chest and weakness in shoulders and arms started as soon as I got up. I also have a bit of edema in my upper abdomen that's been happening recently with an odd stiffness up the back of my neck. Hot soaky baths didn't really help. If anyone knows, could the chest pain be coming form a C-7 disk against the nerve? I did hear it's the nerve going into my left arm. Or could it be withdrawal symptoms from the new verson of Oxycontin that is not taking pain away?