I have quad Athetoid CP but more involved in my left side and I'm in my mid 50's.. I was a very active young man but soon after my 35th birthday, pain and lessening mobility started to plague me a lot sooner than I had expected.. I'm now completely reliant on a power-chair for mobility plus I now need support cares morning and bedtime plus full domestic support..

The whole ageing process has become very frustrating as I now have far more fatigue, breathing issues, poorer circulation (always cold), less quality sleep, arthritic joint pain, plus chronic muscle pains to deal with.. I do swim weekly to keep myself active/moving but It seems as if I'm ageing prematurely and my body is wearing out sooner than my able-bodied peers..

I'm curious to know if anyone else with similar CP is experiencing premature ageing.. What symptoms are you experiencing and at what age did you find life becoming more problematic?

Your feedback is very welcome..