Mom's told me the story.
I overwent a cerebral aneuysm at the of 10, rare know. I had just celebrated my 10th Birthday a healthy and normal child. It was Sunday, September, 1988, normal day I had been playing outside all day I complained about a headache and joints hurting nothing out of the oridnary. Mom called them grown-pains. I went to bed it was a Sunday Mom had a hard time getting me to settled down.
On or about, 12 midnight 1:00 am, Dad was going to the bathroon (my bedroom is close to the bathroom so he could see me.) Mom came to see what was going on she me coughing vomiting it swallowing it seizing Mom told my brother to call 911. Right then I went limp.

I was rushed to the emergency room I examined they had a cut skull open to stop the bleeding was sent to get a c-scan then a They did diagnose me a brain tumor and then AVM. I was in a coma for 7 days.

When I got out of the coma I was paralized on the right side of my body no use of right hand. My speech was off I couldn't speak the only way to communite is point and grunt.

I was able to finish the 4th grade school year and was promoted to the fifth grade, with place in LD clases. I only missed 45 days of school. I gradated from high school in 1997, previous I delivered my son on, January 22th, 1997, he was a healthy and normal child, no complications, I gave birth by c-section. This is because with the pressere on my brain it would cause another stroke, this was my neurosurgoeesn.

Today, I suffer from fibromyalgia, sciaticia, and chronic migraine now the migraines the pain is l thisocated on the right side of my head the same side where the AVM was. I believe that there is connection between the two. Nowadays, I do my best. -Abby